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    New Online Sales Enablement Solution Targeting $750 Million US Market

    A new online Sales Enablement solution is designed to eliminate the expense of traditional training by supporting sales people in the field where their customers are.

    EDINBURGH, Scotland – Dec. 18, 2017 – PRLog — Traditional training delivery models are under attack from new and improved online learning solutions. The change in part is being driven by the fact that more and more companies have geographically dispersed sales teams, and training sales people in the field can be expensive and time consuming for sales managers. Traditionally, support for sales people has been focused around 1 or 2 day training courses, however, expecting sales people to travel from one state to another, or even worse from one country to another, is not always cost effective for the business. More importantly it takes the sales people out the field and away from their customers for days at a time. Companies who continue with traditional sales training events are also shown to miss out in other areas, as research by Sales Performance International states, 43% of sales people rate “follow up training classes” as one of the most effective ways for reinforcing new sales skills. Furthermore 33% of sales people rate “technology reinforcements and support” as one of the most effective ways for reinforcing new sales skills. Online sales training has been around for a number of years, and is evolving but numerous studies show that sales coaching is equal to, if not more powerful, than training, with 46% of sales people claiming sales coaching is the most effective way for reinforcing new skills. The Centre for Management and Organizational Effectiveness claim that, Training + Coaching leads to an increase of 88% in productivity, vs. 23% from training alone and the case for Sales Coaching is so strong now, it’s no longer being limited to Boardroom Executives and Senior Leaders. The reality is however that most Sales Managers don’t have the experience or time to coach their Sales Teams, so it doesn’t happen.

    What’s also driving the change are Millennials, who are the most computer literate generation to enter the workforce. This new generation of learners who have grown up with technology and apps, spend most of their lives connected to the web, and are at the forefront of demand for online sales training that is delivered in a way that they want to consume. Millennials often prefer e-learning to traditional classroom based lessons, as they are already comfortable learning online and at their own speed. For most people, not just Millennials, 99% of information searches begin online, so where else is better placed for sales training?

    Armed with these statistics and their extensive industry knowledge, Business to Business sales specialists Klozers have developed an online Sales Enablement platform that not only has the ability to deliver online sales training courses, they are delivering a complete learning experience, that includes peer learning via an online Community of B2B Sales Professionals and Coaches. Through Klozers bespoke Sales Enablement platform, Sales people access live sales training online and live coaching, from their desk, their home, or on the road. The live training and live coaching provides the important personal face to face interaction that traditional training offers, but until now has not been available through online sales training courses. Through Klozers Sales Enablement platform, sales people follow a series of online sales training courses which helps them learn, and sell at the same time, without the need to be away from their customers and incurring expensive travel and hotel costs. Throughout the online sales training users are supported by experienced and certified coaches and mentors. In addition to the online sales training courses, field sales people can access their own coach online via an app on their phone which integrates Klozers with the communication application Slack, while they are out on the road. This allows Klozers to coach sales people via a mobile device when the sales people need it, and not just at pre-arranged times, which might not suit the sales person.

    You can see here how Klozers works

    Klozers CEO Iain Swanston said “In the past year we have invested heavily in the our Sales Enablement platform, which is an amalgamation of the online sales training courses, and the sales coaching we already provide to clients all over the world. Our clients were telling us they can no longer afford to have their sales people out of the field and away from their customers for days at a time. They were looking for flexible solutions where their teams could learn and be coached in the field.”

    Klozers new sales enablement platform aims to deliver live training and live coaching in a way that users want to consume, and in a world where every sales person is online it’s easy to see why this is such an attractive market.

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