Kloze More Sales Roadmap to Success

Welcome to the Kloze More Sales Roadmap which you can use to guide you through the process of improving your sales skills, sales performance and sales confidence. Each month you can access the next stage of the Roadmap in the Training Room.

No matter what level of performance or experience you have, simply follow the steps, and you will very quickly start to see the benefits of the Roadmap.

Modern Selling

MONTH 1 - Modern Selling

Module 1 provides the overall strategy for growing B2B sales in the new digital world.  This big picture session will help you understand where you fit in and identify any gaps that you may need to address in your current sales strategy.   You will also discover the Formula for Sales, and how you can apply this to your business & career for genuine break through results.

The goal of this stage is to have a clear strategy that will move you and your sales forward.

Sales Performance Improvement

MONTH 2 - Consultative Sales Skills

Module 2 covers Consultative Sales Skills which are vital for selling in the boardroom.  These advanced question based selling techniques, help buyers discover for themselves why they should buy.  Every month these interpersonal skills are supported by live role-play in the online training sessions.  

The goal of this stage is to ensure when you get in front of a prospect you maximise every opportunity.

Uncovering Value

MONTH 3 - Uncovering Value

Module 3 will help you develop a series of tools and questioning techniques designed to get your prospects to uncover for themselves, the real value in your products and services.  Uncover and build value in  opportunities and learn when to walk away when there is no value. This is essential for anyone who struggles without discounting heavily. 

The goal of this stage is to help you uncover and build value in  opportunities, and learn when to walk away when there is no value.


MONTH 4 - Human Behaviour

Increase your performance by understanding human behaviour, including your own strengths and weaknesses.  People buy from people, and understanding the how and why behind the way your prospects and clients think and behave are essential selling skills for the modern sales professional.  

The goal of this stage is to provide you with an understanding of Human Behaviour and how this affects our behaviour, and that of our clients.

Online Sales Coaching

MONTH 5 - Selling Through Service

Discover how to drive sales growth by maximising client retention, selling across the organisation and creating innovative referral programmes.  Winning new business is great, but it’s pointless if we can’t retain our clients.  Selling through service helps you with account management, and client retention.

The goal of this stage is to help you develop a strategy that maximises client retention, and generates a consistent flow of referrals.

Building Trust in Sales

MONTH 6 - Building TRUST

Understand what it takes to build Trust & Rapport so prospects are comfortable buying from you.  Discover the everyday sales behaviours that build trust, and equally important, the behaviours that violate trust in the eyes of the customer and includes a practical self assessment to understand your own behaviours.  

The goal of this stage is to provide you with a clear understanding of how to build and maintain TRUST.

Sales Funnel

MONTH 7 - Building Sales Pipelines

Building and managing a modern sales pipeline to ensure you are being effective and not just busy.  Most salespeople and organisations struggle to generate a consistent flow of qualified sales leads leaving their pipelines half empty.  This module covers the latest research on Lead Generation activities that companies are using.  

The goal of this stage is to help you explore different channels for developing new sales leads.

Goal Setting

MONTH 8 - Goal Setting

Bring everything together and set powerful goals to ensure you get the sales results you deserve.  In addition to goal setting you will discover proven strategies for goal attainment including how to formulate powerful action plans that will help you reach your goals and deliver the success you want for yourself.

The goal of this stage is to help you develop your own Sales Action plan that you can implement moving forward.

Sales Planning

MONTH 9 - Advanced Planning

Understand the importance of planning in sales and learn how to develop your own sales plan complete with territory planning.  Strategic planning ensures you are effective and not just busy.

The goal of this stage is to provide a thorough understanding of modern sales planning.

Sales Reviews

MONTH 10 - Building Powerful Sales Habits

There are many skills required to be a successful sales person however however sales habits and sales activity form the foundation of our results.  Habits are hard to build but they are equally hard to break so once ingrained they can be with us for life.

The goal of this stage is to develop sustainable strategies for maintaining Sales Excellence.


MONTH 11 - Personal Growth

Professional Selling and personal development are inextricably linked and unless we can continue to grow we can start to fall back into old habits.  Develop your own personal growth strategies that motivate and excite and motivate you.

The goal of this stage is to provide you with your own personal development road map to ensure continued growth.

Personal development

MONTH 12 - Sales Leadership

The best sales people are the best because they constantly strive for success.  12 months on from the start of this programme you will have transformed but you won’t want to stop, you will know you have only covered the low hanging fruit 

The goal of this stage is to cover next stage growth strategies for you and your sales.